Welcome to another episode of food for your soul, body, and skin..

Everyone loves bananas (at least we do ). They are cheap, delicious and available all year round.

And it’s not just the convenience that makes everyone adores them, in fact, many studies have found that banana might be one of the most nutritious fruits out there…


So, what contains in this yellow piece of fruit?

  • Potassium & Amino Acid
  • Magnesium, Zinc and Lectin
  • Lots of Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C and E
  • And a dozen of other minerals and vitamins


What do you benefit from eating/using banana?


1. Fight off aging

Containing Vitamin B6 and E, many people called banana “Natural Botox”.

One medium-sized banana provides approximately 13% of your daily manganese needs. Manganese and Vitamin B6 are essential to help your body make collagen and protect your skin cells against free radical, which is the cause of cell oxidation and premature aging.


2. Goodness to your body inside out

Banana contains loads of potassium. This mineral plays a necessary role in a variety of processes in the body. It is involved in muscle contractions, heart function, and body fluid management. By saying that, consuming your daily potassium intake will guarantee that your body’s water level remains balance hence, your skin stays hydrated and does not suffer water deficiency. (and babe, make sure to drink heaps of water as well..)

Because Vitamin A and C play an important role in stimulating cell production, many have said that having homemade fresh banana mask will help lighten dark spots and rejuvenate skin cell.

Quick recipe: Mash up one banana with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to create a delicious yet amazing skin brightening face mask.


3. Combat acne and pimples

Rich in Zinc and Lectin, banana aids in the process of fighting bacteria that cause acne and pimple.

Banana peels are said to be an excellent home remedy. You can directly apply the inside of a banana peel onto your acne to reduce inflammation and redness.

And the most important thing, it is so DELICIOUS!!!!

Babes, If you haven’t already done so, then go ahead, make sure to include a banana in your daily diet from now on.


Twelve Team


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