How do I Choose the Best Sheet Masks for my skin? Cotton masks? Foil masks? Clay Masks? Moisturising Masks? Korean Masks? Japanese Masks? What about masks for Oily skin? Dry skin or even Sensitive skin? Urggg Which are the best sheet mask for my unique skin type?!

Finding the right sheet masks that matches your skin type can be a daunting task. With so many sheet masks out there, it’s very difficult to find and try the right masks.
To make life easier for our babes, we’ve made a list of the best sheet masks so you can give your skin a little pampering…

Acne-prone skin

“Go away pimples!” And don’t even let us start talking about the annoying white & black heads!.
With so many options out there, it’s always an endless battle having to pick the right sheet masks that will work on your baby skin.

Our Pick: Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask Ex

What is it? Benefits and Ingredients

The Mediheal Teatree Healing Solution Essential mask is formulated with tea tree leaf oil and pine needle extract to help control your sebum level and draw out dirt to unclog your pores.

Together with Sage Leaf extract, this baby will help to combat free radicals that entered your system through UV-ray in sunlight, leaving the skin cool and refreshed.

Ingredient that we love : tea tree leaf oil, pine needle extract, sage leaf extract

Other options:
Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask
Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack

Oily Skin

Our skin deserves to glow, to shine bright like a diamond!! However if your skin is shinier than a diamond then welcome to the oily skin club. Luckily, if you’re blessed with daily oil slicks, you’ll have to worry a little less about your skin actually suffering from the likes of environmental pollutants, UV rays, and other stressors. However, if you’re too slick for your own liking after a long day at work or a good run on the treadmill then oh baby baby! We have just the right sheet masks for you.

Our Pick: Noh:j Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask

What is it?

Featuring a unique bubbling action, this baby will help deep clean your pores and remove any dead skins, together with excess sebum.
Containing Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and Daisy Flower Extract, it will lighten blemishes and dark spots while leaving your skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean!!

Other options:

Skin’s Boni Yogurt Mud Pack – Green Tea
Ultru: I’m sorry for my Skin -Black Mud Mask

Combination Skin

A little bit oily around your T-zone? Uneven skin tone or large pore on your nose? Then you’ve got combination skin! Combination skin types can benefit from some lifestyle changes that may help balance your skin. These include healthy diet, exercise and daily face wash routine with the right sheet masks

Our Pick: JAYJUN More than Greentox By Drew Barrymore

What is it?

A multi step mask will be the perfect partner for a combination skin babe!!
Our team’s top pick is JayJun More Than Greentox Pack, featuring a cleanser, a serum and a sheet mask. With ingredients that are high in natural vitamins and minerals including lemon, spinach, and broccoli extract, the treatment will not only clean the skin from any impurities but also deliver an instant boost of nutrients to skin, leaving your skin clearer and smoother.

Other options:

Mediheal HDP Pore Stamping Black Mask
A’Pieu Cucumber Slice

Sensitive Skin

Are you a sensitive skin baby? Is your skin react to just about anything and everything? Finding the right sheet masks for you can be a little difficult so we are here to help you fight away those frequent rashes and tiny red bumps.

Our pick: Cremorlab Herbtea Pure Calming Mask

What is it?

Cremorlab’s Herb Tea Pure Calming Mask is ideal for sensitive skin, working to soothe and hydrate irritated skin.
This 100% cotton sheet mask is infused with T.E.N water, highly concentrated hydrating and calming ingredients like Aloe Vera and Black Tea extract, and Polyphenol and Tannin ingredients of herbal tea extracts that work to hydrate, calm, purify and clear the skin.

Other options:

Jay Jun Rose Blossom Mask

Dry Skin

Is your skin lacking of the “glow”? Is your skin feeling as dry as the desert after a good wash? Sheet masks are moisture bombs, they are great at bringing moisture back to your skin in such a short time.

Our Pick: Oozoo Bear Aurora Illuminating Mask

What is it?

Infused with lot of vitamins and fibers, Oozoo Bear Mask will moisturise and energise your skin. With caryocar brasiliense fruit oil also known as pequi fruit oil, the mask will help calming down any skin redness or irritation. And like its name, the mask will illuminate and radiate your complexion, giving you the ultimate glow

Delivering an instant hydration bomb to your face, this mask is ideal for all our dry skin babes

Other options: Holika Holika Real Calendula Hydrogel Mask

Ageing Skin

The secrets to prevent aging skin are: maintaining a healthy diet and most importantly, to keep moisturising your skin daily. And the best way to moisturising your skin is to wear sheet masks daily.

Our Pick: Mediheal Eggy Skin Mask

Egg shell inner white membrane contains more than 80% of collagen.
By saying that, this mask is here to improve your skin elasticity and moisture level. The serum also contains ceramides, minerals, and essential amino acids that aid in wrinkle care and firm up your skin
Ceramide is a key ingredient that will work to hydrate and protect the skin’s barrier.

Other options: Lululun Weekly Face Mask Homeo Age

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