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With over thousands of sheet masks out there, the journey to find the right masks for you can be quite daunting. Here is a quick guide to sheet masks to get you started!!!

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1. What is Sheet Mask?
Sheet masks are typically pre-cut sheets that cut out to the shape of your face but of course, leaving holes for your eyes and nose so you can still be busy (and breathing) while having a mini spa treatment.

Different materials can be used to make sheet masks but regardless, they are all soaked in nutrition-packed serum goodness.

Sheet masks should be included as an addition to your beauty routine and treated as a boost to help you target your skin problems. Imagine that you are baking a delicious cake, sheet masks would be the yummy icing that you spread on top to make your cake perfect.

2. What makes them a genius beauty tool?
The physical barrier of the sheet actually acts as a wall, allowing ingredients to penetrate skin deeper and slowing down evaporation process (as most skincare products are water/gel based) so that every ingredient is actually going deep into your pores.

This simply genius technology is what make them stand out from other types of masks.

3. Are there different types of sheet masks?
Yes. Masks can be made out several different materials, namely hydrogels, bio-cellulose, bamboo, foil or even egg embrace.

The most common material among all sheet masks brand is microfibers, which are made out of cotton.

4. How long do I leave a sheet mask on?
The ideal time for sheet masking would be 10-20 minutes.
Unless it’s specifically instructed, you should never leave your sheet mask on more than 30 minutes

Leaving your sheet mask on for too long might do more damage than good because the sheet will dry out and reabsorb the moisture from your skin (including your natural sebum)

5. How often should I use them?
Many beauty bloggers swore by that one sheet mask a day are the secret to their beautiful and glowing skins.

To achieve that skin glow, we recommend to treat yourself a mask at least once or twice a week, or just whenever your skin feels dry and thirsty.

Quick tip: Bring a sheet mask with you next time you are on a flight. Sheet masking a few hours before landing will help hydrating the skin and get your skin ready for wherever you are heading.

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