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Calling all our mask babes out there, the Fantastic Four Box is here for you…

This box of four carefully selected sheet masks will boost your skincare routine to another level with a range of essential treatments: calming, moisturizing, hydrating, etc.

Our November Fantastic Four Include:

1. Adaline Keep Cool and Drink Ocean (RRP:$5.00)

Best ingredients: Deep Seawater, Liquorice Root extract.

We love this because

Let’s keep cool and drink ocean is a part of an award-winning face mask set from Adaline.

With deep sea water containing rich minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, this baby will help soothe and nourish your skin. Packed with antioxidants from Green tea and Liquorice extract, it will also help to fight off and protect your skin from any signs of aging. Let’s get that beach vibes going!!!!

Best use: after sun care

Suitable for: dry skin, normal skin


2. Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack (RRP: $4.00)

Ingredients we love: Aloe Vera Extract, Green tea Extract

Why we love

We just love their clean and straight to the point packaging!!! Oooh oohh but that’s not all. If we use this baby right, it will be our skin savour during the summer. Just like its name, Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack will soothe and cool down your heated skin. It will reduce any redness and rehydrate your skin after a sunny day. Along with Camellia Sinensis extract, the antioxidant will kick ass them free radicals that came to your skin through the sun UV

Best use: after sun exposure care

Suitable for: dry skin, normal skin, acne prone skin


3.Mizon Enjoy Vital Up Time – Hydration (RRP: $4.00)

Bad ass ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Green tea extract

Why we adore

We’ve all experienced this… days where our skin were kinda sad and dull. Breathe life back into your complexion with this hydrating sheet mask, formulated to quench thirsty, parched skin in need of a moisture boost. Loaded with antioxidant-rich green tea extract and hyaluronic acid, this Mizon baby will restore life, bounce and vitality to dehydrated complexions. Enjoy some vital-up time and your skin will thank you for this!!!

Best use: whenever you feel like your skin needs a hydration bomb

Suitable for: dry skin, sensitive skin


4. Noh:j Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask (RRP: $4.50)

Key Ingredients: Daisy Flower Extract , Tulipa Gesneriana Flower Extract

Why we love?

Need a deep cleanse after a big day out? We got a really fun mask for you… Featuring a unique bubbling action, this baby will help deep clean your pores and remove any dead skins, together with excess sebum. Containing Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and Daisy Flower Extract, it will lighten blemishes and dark spots while leaving your skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean!

Best use: after a heavy makeup day or when your skin feel kinda oily.

Suitable for:  normal skin, combination skin, acne prone skin

To Use:

  1. Apply the sheet mask to face after cleansing and toning the skin.
  2. Bubbles will begin to form within 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Remove the sheet mask. Massage the remaining bubbles onto the skin and rinse off with lukewarm water.
  4. While the mask is bubbling up and deep cleansing your skin, you might experience some tinkling through your pores!! Please don’t freak out that’s totally normal


Happy Masking babe!!!


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