The 8-Team Box – Value at RRP $44.00

From: $27.99 for 1 month



This box of 8 consists of everything from Fantastic Four and another four best premium masks. Together with the right skin care routine, you are surely setting yourself up for that glowing skin.

Our January 8 Team Box Includes:

Calling all our mask babes out there, the Fantastic Four Box is here for you…

This box of four carefully selected sheet masks will boost your skincare routine to another level with a range of essential treatments: calming, moisturizing, hydrating, etc.

Our February Mask Box Includes:

1.DearPacker – Olive (RRP-$4)

Ingredients that we adore: hyaluronic acid, seaweed

Locked in moisture. Tighten your pores. Enhance skin’s elasticity.

That’s exactly what your skin needs.

Infused with hyaluronic acid and seaweed, this hydrating mask will keep your skin plumping and glowing all day long.

Give your skin the love it deserves babe!!!

Best use: when you have time for some serious pampering!

2.Happy Vegan – Vegan Mask (RRP- $5)

Wholesome ingredients do wonder to your skin and body!!!

Containing grapefruit oil, carrot extract (carotene) and other natural ingredients from the garden, this baby will wake up your skin cell and brighten them up!!!

The sheet is so light and adjusts to the skin easily, helping the active ingredients to penetrate deep within your cells.

Best part? It’s not only cruelty free like all of our masks. It’s also vegan!!!!

Ingredients we love: Niacinamide, carotene, grapefruit oil

3.T.P.O With Line Friend Calming SheetMask (RRP – $4.00)

Keep your skin protected this summer with this olive  maskpack!!!

Infused with Olive extract that is rich in vitamin E, this baby will moisturise and nurture your skin.

Rich in antioxidants, it will also slow down the aging process, leave the skin soft and glowing.

Ingredient that we love: Olive Extract

Best Use: before bed time


4.A’pieu Watermelon Slice Mask (RRP $.4.00)

Back with popular demand!!!! These cute slice masks are absolutely amazing and handy!! They can be used anywhere on your body for dry spot rescue!!!

The serum contains watermelon extracts, which is packed with Vitamins A,B6 and C. They will help hydrate and rejuvenate your skin!!

Highlight ingredients: Watermelon Extract

Best Use: On a hot day with a cocktail!!!

Happy Masking babe!!!


5.Have faith in face- I want healthy look (RRP- $5)

A straight forward nourishing sheet mask!!! With a bunch a goodness like seagrapes, sheabutter, olive leaf extract, this sheet mask will deeply hydrate, strengthen the skin barrier and nourish your complexion.

Made from pearl extract, the sheet mask is silky smooth, adhere on your face easily so your skin can suck up all these goodness in no time!!

Major Ingredients: Seagrapes, Olive leaf extract, shea butter

Best Use: when you want to give ur skin some love


6.Skin 79- All that rose (RRP – $5.50)

Pamper your tired skin with the All That Rose Mask from Skin79.

 Infused with Bulgarian Damask Rose extracts with anti-ageing benefits, the natural sheet mask will take you on an indulgent experience.

Made from rose yarn petals , this sheet mask is extremely gentle on skin.

Showering your skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins, the mask will reduce any redness and blemishes while deeply nourish your skin for a better self!!!

When should you use? When you need to remind yourself that self love is the most important love.

Ingredients we love: Bulgarian Damask Rose extracts


7. Holika Holika- Strawberry (RRP $4)

Refresh your skin with this baby from Holika Holika. With Strawberry extract, it will brighten up your skin, improve uneven skin tone.

Packed with antioxidants from the berries, yuzu and orange, this ultra-thin mask will soften your skin and help combat against free radicals.

We have to say… it feels pretty amazing to soothe and rehydrate your skin after a long hot day.

Best ingredients: Orange Peel Oil, Lavender, Yuzu Extract and Strawberry Extract

8.Saem- Secret Eye Warm Mask (RRP $5)

This relaxing warming eye mask is included in this box to help de-stress and relieve your dry and tired eyes!

 With a gentle and soothing rose scent, the mask warms up your eyes to around 40 degrees. It will unwind and give yourself some serious me time.

 Close your eyes, put on the mask, and allow at least 15 minutes to think about nothing!!!!

Best use: before bed  or on an airplane when you have trouble sleeping on a long-haul flight!!

Happy Masking babe!!!


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